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  1. The Celts first landed in Ireland at Garnish near the westernmost end of the peninsula.

  2. The Beara Peninsula was named after a Spanish princess, Princess Beara.

  3. The highest waterfall in Ireland and the UK is the Mare's Tail in Adrigole.

  4. The warmest place in Ireland is by Adrigole Bridge in Adrigole.

  5. The oldest writing on a stone in Ireland is pre-Ogham and can be found in Glentastel, Lauragh.

  6. Berehaven harbour is the second safest natural harbour in the world.

  7. The Cailleach Beara is one of the oldest mythological antiquities in Ireland.

  8. The four mythological Children of Lir are buried in Allihies.

  9. 511 historical sites, some dating back to 2000 B.C. can be found on the Beara Peninsula, making it the location of one of the highest number of antiquities in one area in Ireland. Bonane Valley has many fine examples.

  10. The Beara Peninsula is the only peninsula in Ireland that is located in two counties - Cork & Kerry.

  11. O Sullivan Bere is the only Irish chieftain whom Queen Elizabeth Ⅰ of England did not pardon after the Battle of Kinsale.

  12. O Sullivan Bere's march in 1603 is the most famous march in Irish history.

  13. The freshwater mussels that live in the Ardgroom area are over 100 years old - the oldest living shellfish on the peninsula.

  14. In 1796, the French longboat landed in Bere Island & Wolfe Tone anchored in Berehaven harbour at the same time.

  15. In 1914, Berehaven harbour was the most fortified harbour in western Europe with the cannons on Bere Island.

  16. After one hundred years of being minded, The Copper Mines in Allihies are so deep and extensive that they go under the sea.

  17. The Dursey Cable Car is the only cable car in Ireland.

  18. The Glengarriff forest is home to the oldest oak trees in Ireland.

  19. The Beara Peninsula is home to one of the rarest birds in Ireland - The Chough.

  20. Ballydonegan in Allihies is the only beach in Ireland made from crushed stone; the stone was taken from the Copper Mines.

  21. The tallest birch in Ireland is a downy birch, 25m high growing in Lauragh.

  22. The tallest Ogham Stone in the world can be found in Eyeries.

  23. In the Viking Age, Dursey Island was used as a slave depot.

  24. Blackball in Cahermore was a volcanic area.

  25. The Beara Peninsula is the most scenic route in Ireland.

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